Command list

Name Aliases Category Description Permissions Permission Level
clear-queue clearqueue Music

Clears the queue.

None User
leave bye Music

Stops the bot from playing and makes it leave the channel.

None User
loop Music

Toggles Loop mode.

None User
lyrics ly Music

Find the lyrics of a song

None User
np now-playing, nowplaying Music

Shows what's currently playing.

None User
pause Music

Pauses the music.

None User
play p, ay Music

Plays a song of your choice.

None User
queue Music

Shows the music that's queued to play.

None User
resume Music

Resumes the music.

None User
skip Music

Skips a song.

None User
stop Music

Stops playing.

None User
disable Bot-keeping Utilities

Enables a previously disabled command.

None User
disabled Bot-keeping Utilities

Shows the disabled commands.

None User
enable Bot-keeping Utilities

Enables a previously disabled command.

None User
premium Bot-keeping Utilities

Check your premium status and what you can do to obtain it.

None User
8ball 8b Entertainment

Play with the Magic 8 Ball (and get totally not random life tips!)

None User
emoji emojis Entertainment

Converts your text into ๐Ÿ‡นโ€‹๐Ÿ‡ชโ€‹๐Ÿ‡ฝโ€‹๐Ÿ‡น

None User
firstmsg Entertainment

Get the first message in a channel.

None User
horoscope hor Entertainment

Shows your horoscope. Use the --chinese flag to show your chinese horoscope.

None User
leaderboard lb Entertainment

Shows the best users in the server (points-wise)!

None User
points pts Entertainment

Shows your points (or someone else's).

None User
popular-commands pop, popularcommands Entertainment

Shows the most popular commands in the server.

None User
roman Entertainment

Converts a number from decimal to roman.

None User
ship Entertainment

Ship a couple to show them how well you think they go together!

None User
tts text-to-speech, texttospeech Entertainment

Converts your text into an MP3 file.

None User
yearprogress yp Entertainment

Calculates how much of the year has passed and how many days are left.

None User
b Fun

Converts all of the "b"'s in your text into ๐Ÿ…ฑ๏ธ's

None User
bam barn, bann Fun

Bams someone from the server.

None User
connect4 c4, connect-four, connectfour Fun

Lets you play Connect 4 with someone else.

None User
decrypt dec Fun

Decrypts a previously encrypted string.

None User
encrypt enc Fun

Encrypts a string of text based on an algorithm that takes into account the length of the string.

None User
hangman hman Fun

Play a game of hangman, but with a friend.

None User
owo Fun

Converts your text into owo speak

None User
scopa Fun

Lets you play Scopa (the classic Italian game) with someone else.

Attach files User
throw Fun

Throw something at someone!

None User
xkcd Fun


None User
beautiful Memes

Oh, this- this is beautiful!

None User
delete delete-meme, deletememe Memes

Are you sure you want to permanently delete this meme?

None User
drake Memes

You and someone else in a Drake meme... awesome!

None User
handicapped handicap Memes

Sir, this spot is for handicapped people.

None User
humanity regressing Memes

Obvious signs humanity is regressing

None User
whodidthis wdt Memes

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ who did this ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

None User
worrying worried Memes

This is deeply worrying.

None User
ban Moderation tools

Bans someone from the server.

Ban members Server moderator
clear-channel cc, clearchannel Moderation tools

Removes all the messages in the channel.

common:PERM_MANAGE_CHANNELS Server administrator
kick Moderation tools

Kicks someone from the server.

Kick members Server moderator
move Moderation tools

Moves a message to a different channel.

Manage Webhooks, Manage messages Server moderator
nickname nick Moderation tools

Changes the nickname of another user.

Manage nicknames, Add reactions User
purge prune, clear Moderation tools

Deletes up to 100 messages at a time.

Manage messages Server moderator
slowmode sm Moderation tools

Sets or removes the slowmode in the current channel

common:PERM_MANAGE_CHANNELS Server moderator
unlock Moderation tools


common:PERM_MANAGE_CHANNELS Server moderator
warn Moderation tools

Create warns and manage infractions for users.

None Server moderator
afk Utilities

Sets your AFK status.

None User
announce ann Utilities

Announces something in the server's announcement channel.

None User
avatar av Utilities

Displays your avatar, or someone else's.

None User
backup bup Utilities

Backs a channel or the server up.

common:PERM_READ_MESSAGES, common:PERM_READ_MESSAGEHISTORY, Attach files, Embed links Server administrator
bio me Utilities

Sets your bio for other users to see

None User
config conf, cfg Utilities

Manage the settings of the server

Add reactions User
dashboard dash Utilities

Provides a quick link to the Web Dashboard

None User
giveaway ga Utilities

Creates and manages giveaways

None Server moderator
help commands, cmds Utilities

Shows a list of command or more information about a command.

Embed links User
id-info snowflake-info, idinfo, snowflakeinfo Utilities

Shows extended information about a Discord ID.

None User
invite Utilities

Get an invite link for the bot.

None User
listroles lr Utilities

Lists the roles and says if they can mention everyone

None User
perms Utilities

See your permission level, or someone else's.

None User
ping Utilities

Shows how fast the bot is able to respond.

None User
prefix Utilities

Set the prefix for a server.

None User
quote Utilities

Preview a message with a link to go to the original.

None User
remind Utilities

Set up a reminder on behalf of someone else.

None Server administrator
reminders reminder-list, remlist, rems, reminderlist Utilities

Lists your active reminders and lets you delete them.

None User
remindme Utilities

Sets you up a reminder so you don't forget something really important... ๐Ÿ˜…

None User
add-reputation rep, +, addreputation Utilities

Award someone a global reputation point.

None User
serverinfo si Utilities

Shows information about the current server.

None User
stats um Utilities

Shows statistics such as uptime, memory usage and lib versions.

None User
save-emoji steal, saveemoji Utilities

Lets you quickly save an image link or an attachment as an emoji.

Manage emojis User
userinfo ui Utilities

Shows info about someone

None User
verify captcha Utilities

If configured, allows you to complete a captcha to get a role.

Manage roles, Attach files User
vote Utilities

Creates a yes/no poll.

None Server moderator
web ping-website, pingwebsite Utilities

Ping a website and preview its content.

None User


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